Chimney Cleaning and Repair Philadelphia, Bucks, & Montgomery County

Gannon Chimney Repair, Inc. has been in the Willow Grove area for over 40 years servicing all Chimney, Masonry, and Waterproofing needs to the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County areas.  We are 4 Generations of Dependability equaling over 90 Years of experience.

The Invention of the Chimney was an important development in removing smoke from dwellings and changed how houses were designed and used.  We Service, Clean, and Repair both Fireplace, Woodstove, and Heater Chimneys in the surrounding counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery.  Gannon Chimney Repair specializes in the installation of stainless steel chimney flue liners.  These liners have a lifetime guarantee.  They tackle the chimney problem in two ways.  First, the stainless steel liner provides a sealed pipeline for the exhaust to be removed from the home safely.  Second, the new liner takes the stress of hot and cold interior chimney temperatures instead of the chimney so the deterioration of the chimney stops instantly.

Custom made fireplaces and chimneys can be a beautiful way to make a home stand out amongst others.  Over time, even the best materials can get dirty or start to deteriorate.  It is recommended that your Fireplace Chimney be cleaned once a year or after every cord of wood burned.  It is recommended that you have your Heater Chimney Cleaned and maintained once a year also.  At Gannon Chimney Repair we strive to stay current and use the best possible materials in all our services preformed in all Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks County homes.

If you’re in the need of Chimney Services and live in the Bucks, Montgomery, or Philadelphia Counties, Gannon Chimney Repair is the only call you need to make.  We are experts in the field from jobs as small as sweeping, ranging to jobs as large as demolition and reconstruction.  Gannon Chimney Repair is your One Stop, Full Service Chimney Repair Company.  Have a Blocked Chimney?  Give us a call for Emergency Service.  Trust the Experts in Fireplaces, Chimneys, and Masonry in Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties – Trust Gannon Chimney Repair, Inc.

A claim that very few of our competitors can make , DEPENDABILITY.  Gannon Chimney Repair & Masonry has been satisfying the Philadelphia, Bucks, & Montgomery County areas for many years.  Owners Jim Gannon and sons have spent 4 Generations in the business of diagnosing chimneys and implementing solutions to those problems.    We are professionals when it comes to Masonry Restoration and Basement Waterproofing to name a few.  Want your Dryer to be in like new conditions – we can make that happen.  DEPENDABILITY (n) trustworthy, reliable….That’s What We Are!!!

Like his Grandfather and Father, Jim and his 2 sons have always strived to be the best in their trade.  We are committed to helping our customers find the right solution for their home or business.  When we put the Gannon Chimney, Inc. name on our work, it will be a name that you have come to trust.

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