Masonry Restoration Montgomery & Bucks County

A Mason is one whose occupation is to build with stone or brick; also, one who prepares stone for building purposes.  At Gannon Chimney Repair we take pride in our work and have only experienced masons working for us.

Want your home or office in Bucks or Montgomery County to look its best?  Gannon Chimney Repair covers all your masonry needs including brick & stone repointing, complete stucco restoration, and brick & stone veneer to name a few.  Over time the searing summer sun, the chilling winter cold and the effects of moisture all throughout the year combine to take their toll on masonry structures.  Cement mortar between bricks as well as stucco can chip or crack exposing the interior of the home to the possibility of water damage. 

masonryBy having Gannon Chimney Repair come to your Bucks or Montgomery County home/office we will prepare a free estimate for the cost of repairs and you will once again have the peace of mind in knowing that the exterior of your home/office is keeping the elements outside, where they belong. 

By choosing a Bucks or Montgomery County reputable, competent and proven contractor to handle your masonry restoration project influences the outcome of your home/office more than anything else.  As members of the BBB

(Better Business Bureau) we have been perfecting Masonry Restoration jobs for 4 generations.  Knowing we do the job right the first time we will leave you with a 5 year guarantee.