Waterproofing Philadelphia, Bucks, & Montgomery County

Basement Waterproofing refers to a technique used to prevent water from entering the basement of a house or any other building.  Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or below ground.  There are three commonly used methods for Waterproofing in the Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.  These methods include Interior Wall and Floor Sealers, Interior Water Drainage, and Exterior Drainage combined with Waterproofing Coatings.

In poured concrete foundations, cracks and pipe penetrations are the most common entry points for water seepage.  These openings can be readily sealed from the interior.  In masonry foundations, interior sealants will not provide a permanent protection from water.  In Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties the most common used waterproofing technique is an interior water drainage system.  This system drains and diverts water into a French drain using a sump pump to remove the water from the structure.  At Gannon Chimney Repair we properly install both French drains and sump pumps in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties to divert the water out of your basement.

When you basement waterproof you not only make your basement water free you prevent the wicking and molding of building materials.  Waterproofing a structure from the exterior is the only method the IBC (International Building Code) recognizes as adequate to prevent structural damage caused by water intrusion.  If you live in the Philadelphia, Bucks, or Montgomery County give us a call for a free estimate to decide what is best for you and your home.  We are committed to helping our customers become water free with basement waterproofing or installing a sump pump.